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Hello my name is Samantha, I am 22 female living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I love video games anime manga pen-paling doing letters swaps treading youtube and more. I am a true animal lover and have 6 pets.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Japan Christmas Gift

Hello there guys on Dec 22 2011 I got a pen-pal Christmas gift from my best friend from Japan and she gave me some really really amazing super good great cute kawaii Japanese stuff I am so happy and shocked at every thing so very much.

Here is a Christmas Card she gave me it is really pretty nice good looking I do love the card a lot.

I got 2 nice yummy net Japanese Snacks I never try and thing like this let alone what it is or what flavor it was but I did try it, 1 seem to be Pizza Flavor and it did smell like Pizza even kinda had the taste of Pizza it was not too bad nice too soft but not too hard also. The other one was flavor of Fast Food but I can't be too sure of what kind of Fast Food or even Fast Food but it was really net odd flavor but it was good.

I got 2 yummy yummy yummy yummy Marshmallow the Hello Kitty is Strawberry super yummy nice soft, The other was Chocolate also really nice yummy soft I could really taste the Chocolate and Strawberry in both.

I got 2 new snacks here that I never ever ever try in all my life at all both look odd and weird but yet yummy at the same time I did try them out and see what there like and eat it all up, The one with the Hamburger on it did not taste like a hamburger at all but it did taste pretty odd weird good if you lick it you get more of the taste then eating it. The one with the Corn was pretty more odd weird but also really good it did taste like corn but if you like it wow you can really taste the Corn on it. It was not hard or soft it was like eating chips.

Here are some nice yummy sweet rich creamy Hot Chocolate from Japan I really love Coco and this Coco was really yummy nice good great mmmmmmmmmm, I don't know what Van Houten Cocoa means at all.

Here some yummy nice hard good Peach Food Drops there hard candy but I think they call them Food Drops I can't find them here in Edmonton, But I have seen them online and always wanted to try them and now I have I found them really good.

Here we have some Hello Kitty Chocolate Biscuits there super super super super yummy and there is a good amount in the box, They taste and look like Pocky.

Here is a very sweet lovely nice Holiday\Christmas Tin it was filled with yummy net amazing Chocolate the Chocolate was truly amazing yummy I wish I had more of it.

Here are 3 amazing cute fun Pokemon stickers I can't find Pokemon stickers there kinda hard to find I think people take them or or there are none but I love the Pokemon Stickers.

Here is a cute sweet lovely nice 2012 Calendar it is really cute pretty lovely nice looking I am happy about it because I love love love getting Calendar and it fold out.

Here is the best gift of all the Rilakkuma Case for the 3DS it is super super super kawaii cute fun looking sweet pretty net looking I could never ever get any thing like this in Edmonton but I am happy I have it I really did need a 3DS case for my 3DS and now I have one and it fit so well.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Giveaway Prize

Hello there every one I got something really really really special to share with you all I enter a Giveaway on Youtube and I WON YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I am super super super happy big big big big big time, I always try and enters giveaways and contest on youtube but never ever ever ever ever win any thing at all.
But then I got a message saying I won a giveaway and I was super super super shocked and happy big big big big big time it made me feel all good inside to win something in all my life, Here are the stuff I won from the Giveaway.

Here is the the prize came in so simple nice looking and it came safe and sound nothing wrong with it at all I love that, I seen she gave me a note you all can read it I love the note a lot.

Here are some amazing kawaii cute special looking paper I got from her, She is too sweet to give me this much paper I can't get this in Edmonton I love love love love it.

Here is a Hello Kitty Head Band it is super super cute sweet nice good great looking I love it a lot.

Here is a kawaii small sweet cute Mirror I love how it say's I love you on it and it has a sweet looking Panda I love it so so so so so much.

Here are 4 amazing kawaii good great cute looking Erasers I love love love Erasers there so much fun to have around and it comes in a really cute pack yay yay yay.

Here are 3 small Deco Tape that I got I can never ever find this kind of Tape here in Edmonton I hate that because it is really kawaii cute fun looking, I use it for my letters to make them look good.

Here is a nice sweet looking Candle I love candles there fun good great cool and the smells are really amazing and fun too, This one is called Creamy Carmel yummy right lol.

Here is a super super cute kawaii Togo Cell phone strap that you can hang onto your Cell Phone or any where else in your house or something else.

Here is a Hello Kitty Clip I love it so much and so cute looking big time, I also got a cute sweet looking button that say's I love sweets and it is true I do lol.

Here are some really really really amazing kawaii cute lovely stuff I was so shocked to see this OMG OMG OMG made me really really happy, The 2 earrings I seen them online so much I always wanted them so bad. The other 2 I think are homemade I can't tell but super amazing kawaii looking.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Germany Pen-Pal Gift

Hello there every one I got a Christmas pen-pal gift from my best friend\pen-pal in Germany I am super super happy and got it Dec 13 yaaaaaaaaay here are the stuff she got me and I love every thing so very very very much big time.

Here is what the Christmas Gift came in really pretty nice good looking I love it so much.

Here is a drawing she did\gave me in her letter, I am truly happy to get something like this she is truly amazing at drawing and at art she did this with watercolors OMG OMG.

She gave me this box and the box is really small and cute net all by it's self but I don't understand the words on the box too bad, Inside the box was a small cute lovely looking teddy bear awwwwwwwwwww.

Here some very very very yummy yummy yummy Milk Chocolate Filling with Nugget it was truly truly yummy in the mouth and tummy big big big big big big time.

Here is a really really nice good looking Sticker Album I really did need one I don't have any and I can't seem to find any here in Edmonton yet o well.

Here are 8 Chocolate Coins I love love love love love Chocolate Coins big big big big time there one of my favorite Chocolate and really fun to have and look at too.

Here is a Angel it is very very pretty lovely sweet nice good great looking and I really do like it a lot I think it is a sticker but I am not too sure yet.

Here are my last 2 items she gave me one is something to hang onto the tree but I can hang it any where I want and it is really pretty, I also got a cute sweet cat erasers and I can't wait to use it too.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Swap-Bot Gift

Hello there every one I gone and did a Swap on Swap-Bot called Easy Doodle Swap and I loved that Swap I got some amazing art work and I gave some of my art work away to people and they seem to like it too. I got a Swap from Asian some where and it had really really really amazing special kawaii stuff in it and I love every thing big big big big big time, I never knew I would get something so amazing here are the photos of what I got hope every one like them.

This is what it came in super super kawaii looking right it really made me happy and smile big time to see something like this lucky me I was really lucky.

Here are 3 more paper stuff that the person put the items into and I wanted to take photos of them becasue they look really good great pretty lovely and I might use them someday who knows.

Here are some Kawaii looking stickers of that special cute bear every one loves, I could never ever find stickers like this here in Edmonton so I am really happy about this.

Here is some very very pretty lovely looking ribbon that came with it I might use it for something sometime someday.

Here is a drawing the person did it is really really amazing looking pretty cool sweet net and I love how every thing look in black and white big big big big time I love it so much.

This is a Christmas Card the person gave me it is really cute sweet kawaii lovely Christmas Card well I call it s Christmas Card because it say's, Merry Christmas and I love what the person said on the back.

I got this really really kawaii cute looking pencil that is of Kutsuita Nyanko I never seen any thing like this here and I really really love it big big big big time so fun to use a lot.

Here are some really really amazing kawaii cute sweet lovely post cards, I never seen so many kawaii cute post cards in all my life I am saving them forever and always no matter what happens.

Here is a card you can make a note on or something like that there is 2 Note Cards in here I find them very pretty lovely looking big big big big big big time.

Here is some really really really kawaioi cute sweet lovely amazing Stationery of that special kawaii cute bear that every one loves big big big time, I am happy I got this but I am not sure who I will use it on or for what yet.