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Sunday, May 15, 2011

My Pen-Pal Friend

Hay every one I got a gift from my Pen-Pal who is also my friend she got me something really pretty lovely sweet cool amazing and that I can hang up I never gotten any thing like this before but I love it so much and happy I got this one came safe sound nothing bad happen to it at all it came all the way from Sri Lanka wow really really really far away because I live in Edmonton Canada so amazing here is how it came.

My Pen-Pal is name THILINI she gave me really really really pretty lovely sweet amazing thing that I can hang on my wall or some place else not sure if she made it or not but that is ok with me I really love how it looks and stuff so cool and make my room look even better.

Now here is about Sri Lanka well something small about it that is so you know about it a little that is and I might tell more sometime again someday who knows.

Sri Lanka is an island situated in the Indian Ocean, at the base of the Indian Sub-Continent, 880 km north of the equator. Sri Lanka has a pleasant tropical climate. The average temperature of the low lands ranges between 25-30 degrees Celsius. It is a multi-ethnic, multi-religious country with a diverse and rich culture with a total population of 19 million. English is widely spoken and is studied as a compulsory secondary language in school.

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