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Friday, September 23, 2011

French Pen-Pal Gift

Hello every one I got a gift today from a pen-pal my Pen-pal is from French and name Antonin she is a really sweet kind friendly loving lovely friend and person big time I love hearing from her and talking with her a lot and she so sweet to send me gifts I also will be giving her something too.

First thing I got was this sweet super cute cool Donkey Doll Key Chain when I first seen it I fell in love with it big time it is so soft cute lovely amazing looking I never seen any thing like it here in Edmonton ever I wish I had more then 1.

Next I got a small cute Soap it smell really really really good great nice big big big time I can't wait to use it and see how good it works, It is pretty small but not too small also it comes in a cute small box and I really really love that a lot big time. but the amazing part is it is made from Donkey Milk yes I said Donkey Milk amazing right I never even hard of Donkey Milk ever.

Next I got 2 amazing cool sweet looking Post Cards they are really good great looking and the photo on it is really good also I really like it a lot, Also on the back it is in French but there is a little English so I can read the English part.

Last we have Caramel Candy it is very sweet good yummy great it does stick to the teeth and stuff but it is really really good Caramel big time I am happy I got it because I really really really love Caramel. It is Salted Butter Caramel.

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