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Friday, September 30, 2011

Japan Pen-Pal Gift

Hello every one well I am super super super super happy big time happy because I got a gift from a pen-pal but not any Pen-Pal my Japan Pen-Pal I love my Japan Pen-Pal she is always sweet good great kind nice caring and good at English and I love that a lot and it special because it is from Japan yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, My pen-pal is name Takai and this is the stuff she sent me I love every thing so much but I don't know how to read it because it is in Japanese sorry people.

 First we have is this small chocolate with a peanut in the middle of it well it taste like a peanut but it is really good great yummy sweet nice and there small and lots of them and really yummy I did like eating it and having it here is a photo of it, On the box is a bird really net looking.

Next we have Hard Candy and I did try one I try the Purple one and it is really good great nice but I could not really taste too much but I did like it and was really good there are 2 other flavors as you can tell and see, They where small balls so have to be careful when eating them.
Now we have is something that is not a snack to eat it is a Camera a toy like one and pretty cool nice good great looking and well made as I can tell it even have a chain so you can hang it from something how cool is that, Best of all when you click the button it flash and make a sound wow amazing right.
Now we have this kinda like Chocolate bar snack but it is not a Chocolate bar but it has Chocolate on one side and a side soft thing on the other side and it was super super yummy soft nice good great taste and really really night not too sweet also, There was a photo of the guy from One Piece on it and a cool wanted guy on the back wow amazing.

Now we have this really yummy gummy candy that is meant to be sweet and sour but I don't mind it sour at all I found it to be sweet and has a taste of Leon but only a little well to me any ways but is a good nice candy to have around, It is in a shape of a heart so cool cute.

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