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Hello my name is Samantha, I am 22 female living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I love video games anime manga pen-paling doing letters swaps treading youtube and more. I am a true animal lover and have 6 pets.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Swap-Bot Gift

Hello every one I join a site called Swap-Bot look it up if you want to know more about it but it is a really really good great fun site and place to make friends and do Swap\Trades with people for sure and there so many kinds of Swaps to do and there is something for every one there for sure big big big big big big time.

Well I join a Swap called Chocolate Surprise Swap International #3
Where you send Chocolate to people any and all kinds of Chocolate but you know make sure you check there page or read the comment about what Chocolate they like or want it does help a lot and make it easy too in away.

My Partner was Helena Hanley She is from Australia she is super super super nice sweet kind nice to give me all the Chocolate and the Chocolate she gave me I can't find here in Edmonton or in Canada there Australia Chocolate and super super yummy sweet good I really really love every thing she gave me big big big time.

This is what the Chocolate came in and the Chocolate was not fully melt.

Here is one of the Chocolate Caramel CHOMP I found it really yummy sweet good great and I love the Caramel part best of all for sure big time, I love how small and simple it is too and the photo they put on it too.

Here is a nice sweet photo on a Chocolate Bar I really love how bright cute and fun it looks and the Chocolate is really really really good good good good because it has Caramel filling and that makes it really really good big big big big time.

Here is another really good yummy sweet great Chocolate and it is only Milky Chocolate and that is all but that makes it really really yummy because it is so simple and good to eat I love the happy fun funny frog big big big big big time.

Now this Chocolate is really really amazing special super cool and really really good yummy big big big big time for sure because it is Milky Chocolate with Pineapple filling yes people you read right Pineapple filling OMG OMG I can't get that kind of stuff here and it is really good Pineapple Chocolate.

She gave me 2 Milky Way Chocolate Bar and I am in deep love with this kind of Chocolate big big big big time it is super yummy soft sweet good great and every thing about it is good and yummy big time I want more hahahahahahahaha.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pen-Pal Gift

Hello there every one I got a gift from my pen-pal a day ago and I am super super super happy because I have not hard from her all summer or even after summer so I am glad she did not forget me and is back in my life yaaaaaaaaaaaaay, She is really really sweet kind nice caring lovely and is a good great person with a good heart and I like talking with her she is really good to talk with,

Here is what the gift came in and every thing fit nice in it too.

Here is the brown letter she gave me with her new letter in it.

Here is the white old letter she made but the brown one is the new one.

This is the small map she have me and she told me what part she live in, She live in the far off corner too the right in the upper corner a little.

Here is the Hello Kitty KeyChain she gave me it is really pretty cute sweet amazing looking and very very special big time I am so in love with it big time makes me happy big time.

Here is a little small Tic Tac Toe game on a KeyChain that you can hang on stuff or something I never ever seen any thing like this in Edmonton ever so I am really happy about it big time.

Here is some candy she gave me I have not seen this here in Edmonton well not this kind any ways but it is really yummy good sweet and I glad she gave it to me yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Here is the candy stick that was in the candy she gave me I use it for the candy like sticking it in and licking off the powder and it is very very yummy sweet good great, I love the words on it.

This is a Eraser it is pretty cool sweet nice good great looking I never seen this before and I am happy I got something like this so small and cute and love the colors and look on it.