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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Swap-Bot Halloween Gift

Hello every one I made my own Swap on Swap-Bot I called it Halloween Candy Swap and it gone very very well every one loved it and it seem really really good for my first Item Swap so I was really really happy big big big big time, I got my Swap from Texas so it was really amazing and made me super happy today big big big big time I got a lot of candy and the person send so much I feel so lucky that someone is so nice out there.

Here is some HERSHEY'S Chocolate she gave me 4 of them yummy yummy I love love love Hershey's Chocolate I got some of my own but they where peanut free so I am happy I got this one, I also got 2 Kit-Kats from her I am in love with them so so so so much. And I never seen that kind of Kit-Kat before well I meant the paper on it.

Here are other stuff she got me like SNICKERS with Peanut Butter in it and I never seen that kind here before so yay, I also got Reese's Pumpkin I never seen that here also. She even got me Trident LAYERS gum yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

She even gave me 3 big Candy\Chocolate yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay She got me a big SNICKERS yummy yummy and she gave me big TOBLERONE yaaaaaaaaaaaay I love love that Chocolate too, She also gave me big Skittles yummy I love love love Skittles also.

She also gave me some really amazing looking Halloween Erasers like 4 Ghost 5 Bats 5 Pumpkins I love love love them very very much I did not get any Halloween Erasers this year but now I did.

Here is the Card she gave me saying stuff about the Swap and I love how the card looks very very much so amazing sweet good great looking.

And she gave me this cute sweet lovely Pumpkin that can hold stuff or carry stuff in it I will use it for next year Halloween for candy or something else when it is not Halloween yaaaaaaaaaaay.

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