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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Germany Pen-Pal Gift

Hello there every one I got a Christmas pen-pal gift from my best friend\pen-pal in Germany I am super super happy and got it Dec 13 yaaaaaaaaay here are the stuff she got me and I love every thing so very very very much big time.

Here is what the Christmas Gift came in really pretty nice good looking I love it so much.

Here is a drawing she did\gave me in her letter, I am truly happy to get something like this she is truly amazing at drawing and at art she did this with watercolors OMG OMG.

She gave me this box and the box is really small and cute net all by it's self but I don't understand the words on the box too bad, Inside the box was a small cute lovely looking teddy bear awwwwwwwwwww.

Here some very very very yummy yummy yummy Milk Chocolate Filling with Nugget it was truly truly yummy in the mouth and tummy big big big big big big time.

Here is a really really nice good looking Sticker Album I really did need one I don't have any and I can't seem to find any here in Edmonton yet o well.

Here are 8 Chocolate Coins I love love love love love Chocolate Coins big big big big time there one of my favorite Chocolate and really fun to have and look at too.

Here is a Angel it is very very pretty lovely sweet nice good great looking and I really do like it a lot I think it is a sticker but I am not too sure yet.

Here are my last 2 items she gave me one is something to hang onto the tree but I can hang it any where I want and it is really pretty, I also got a cute sweet cat erasers and I can't wait to use it too.

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