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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Japan Christmas Gift

Hello there guys on Dec 22 2011 I got a pen-pal Christmas gift from my best friend from Japan and she gave me some really really amazing super good great cute kawaii Japanese stuff I am so happy and shocked at every thing so very much.

Here is a Christmas Card she gave me it is really pretty nice good looking I do love the card a lot.

I got 2 nice yummy net Japanese Snacks I never try and thing like this let alone what it is or what flavor it was but I did try it, 1 seem to be Pizza Flavor and it did smell like Pizza even kinda had the taste of Pizza it was not too bad nice too soft but not too hard also. The other one was flavor of Fast Food but I can't be too sure of what kind of Fast Food or even Fast Food but it was really net odd flavor but it was good.

I got 2 yummy yummy yummy yummy Marshmallow the Hello Kitty is Strawberry super yummy nice soft, The other was Chocolate also really nice yummy soft I could really taste the Chocolate and Strawberry in both.

I got 2 new snacks here that I never ever ever try in all my life at all both look odd and weird but yet yummy at the same time I did try them out and see what there like and eat it all up, The one with the Hamburger on it did not taste like a hamburger at all but it did taste pretty odd weird good if you lick it you get more of the taste then eating it. The one with the Corn was pretty more odd weird but also really good it did taste like corn but if you like it wow you can really taste the Corn on it. It was not hard or soft it was like eating chips.

Here are some nice yummy sweet rich creamy Hot Chocolate from Japan I really love Coco and this Coco was really yummy nice good great mmmmmmmmmm, I don't know what Van Houten Cocoa means at all.

Here some yummy nice hard good Peach Food Drops there hard candy but I think they call them Food Drops I can't find them here in Edmonton, But I have seen them online and always wanted to try them and now I have I found them really good.

Here we have some Hello Kitty Chocolate Biscuits there super super super super yummy and there is a good amount in the box, They taste and look like Pocky.

Here is a very sweet lovely nice Holiday\Christmas Tin it was filled with yummy net amazing Chocolate the Chocolate was truly amazing yummy I wish I had more of it.

Here are 3 amazing cute fun Pokemon stickers I can't find Pokemon stickers there kinda hard to find I think people take them or or there are none but I love the Pokemon Stickers.

Here is a cute sweet lovely nice 2012 Calendar it is really cute pretty lovely nice looking I am happy about it because I love love love getting Calendar and it fold out.

Here is the best gift of all the Rilakkuma Case for the 3DS it is super super super kawaii cute fun looking sweet pretty net looking I could never ever get any thing like this in Edmonton but I am happy I have it I really did need a 3DS case for my 3DS and now I have one and it fit so well.

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