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Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Giveaway Prize

Hello there every one I got something really really really special to share with you all I enter a Giveaway on Youtube and I WON YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I am super super super happy big big big big big time, I always try and enters giveaways and contest on youtube but never ever ever ever ever win any thing at all.
But then I got a message saying I won a giveaway and I was super super super shocked and happy big big big big big time it made me feel all good inside to win something in all my life, Here are the stuff I won from the Giveaway.

Here is the the prize came in so simple nice looking and it came safe and sound nothing wrong with it at all I love that, I seen she gave me a note you all can read it I love the note a lot.

Here are some amazing kawaii cute special looking paper I got from her, She is too sweet to give me this much paper I can't get this in Edmonton I love love love love it.

Here is a Hello Kitty Head Band it is super super cute sweet nice good great looking I love it a lot.

Here is a kawaii small sweet cute Mirror I love how it say's I love you on it and it has a sweet looking Panda I love it so so so so so much.

Here are 4 amazing kawaii good great cute looking Erasers I love love love Erasers there so much fun to have around and it comes in a really cute pack yay yay yay.

Here are 3 small Deco Tape that I got I can never ever find this kind of Tape here in Edmonton I hate that because it is really kawaii cute fun looking, I use it for my letters to make them look good.

Here is a nice sweet looking Candle I love candles there fun good great cool and the smells are really amazing and fun too, This one is called Creamy Carmel yummy right lol.

Here is a super super cute kawaii Togo Cell phone strap that you can hang onto your Cell Phone or any where else in your house or something else.

Here is a Hello Kitty Clip I love it so much and so cute looking big time, I also got a cute sweet looking button that say's I love sweets and it is true I do lol.

Here are some really really really amazing kawaii cute lovely stuff I was so shocked to see this OMG OMG OMG made me really really happy, The 2 earrings I seen them online so much I always wanted them so bad. The other 2 I think are homemade I can't tell but super amazing kawaii looking.

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