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Hello my name is Samantha, I am 22 female living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I love video games anime manga pen-paling doing letters swaps treading youtube and more. I am a true animal lover and have 6 pets.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Japan Gift

Hello everyone who is reading my blog. I got a gift today from a far far away land called Japan. I got this gift from a pen-pal who live in Japan. She always gives me gifts all the time from Japan. And every time she send me something it's really special amazing cool net different. Also she always get me stuff I always wanted to try\have so funny. Because I don't ask for anything or tell her anything so it's funny how it happens.

This is my Christmas gift from her. She sent me one last year also so I am shock I got one. As you guy's know she sent me something not too long ago and I was thinking that was my Christmas gift. Guess this is my Christmas gift from her and my birthday gift too. My birthday is Jan 2 1991. I already sent out her Christmas gift last month. So I am hoping she love what I got her.

This is the box she sent every thing in.I am shock she sent a big box. I am happy it got here safe and sound. It was open a little so I am worry I might have lost something.

I don't even know what this is really at all. I wish I could know but I can't tell what it is with out opening it more. It was the only gift that was wrap up in Christmas paper. It look's really cool\net\cute.

This is a book she sent me. It is all in Japanese so I can't understand\read it at all. But I don't care I love books that are none English. As you can see it's all about cat's and the photos are cute\silly\funny\weird\odd\net\kawaii\fun.

She sent me a small dairy. I can use it to write stuff down in it. I can also use ti to mart stuff in it on the dates. She sent me something like this last year too. I love the panda on it so much.

Here is some cards she sent me. The one with the pink is the Christmas card she sent me. I love the other 4 post cards she sent me.

Here is something called Wire Photo Holder. I don't know anything about it. I can't wait to try it out and hang it up. I love how there are cats around it.

Here is a mini 2013 calendar. She always sends me one. I love how pretty this one is. And it is very different then other calendars.

This is something I always wanted to have. It is a coin box. I always seen this stuff online on a Japanese website. And I always wanted to have one. So this is my favorite gift of all big time.

Here is the last gift. I can use it to hang onto the tree. And I will put it on my tree right away. Also inside are the sweets you see in the photo. I can't right to try it right away.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Japan Gift

Hello there everyone. I am here sharing with you guy's a gift I got from my Japan Pen-Pal. I love her gift's because she really think's about me. And every time she get's me something it's a really big huge surprise.

Me and Her always send each other some kind of gift. I don't know why but it always ends up like that all the time. I don't care for the gift's I just want her friendship. She mean's so very much to me.

She sent the gift in that. Also she put the items into the Paris looking box\book. I can't wait to use the box after for something.

Here is what it look's like in the box.

Here we have the gift's she sent me. There super amazing cute kawaii lovely net cool. 

I don't know what the cookie is at all but I can't wait to try out the cookies.

The stickers are super cute kawaii cool. I can't wait to use them.

The old style music box is really amazing. Also it does work lovely.

The cute rabbit and guinea Pig are too cute for words.

Here is the cute rabbit paper she used to do the letter on awwwwwwwwww.

Friday, September 28, 2012

New Zealand Gift

Hello there everyone. I know I don't post on this too many I am sorry. I don't get a lot of stuff all the time to post about on this post.

I got my Trade gift from my very good great friend on youtube. She live in New Zealand. I meet her on youtube and we talk on youtube\facebook a lot. We are very close best friends. We do treads a lot with each other. I trust her with trading because she never fail to send.

I don't like trading with people on youtube because they don't send or don't send much at all. But she always sends no matter how long it take's to get to me in Canada.

Here is what she sent it in. She really put nice drawings on it. I am sorry most of the photos are dark it was bad lighting.

Here is the card she sent with it. I loved the dog on the card look's super cute. I also love the bright writing on the inside of it.

Here are some super kawaii looking stickers. I love stickers they make me super happy big big big time.

Here are some really nice looking writing pen's. They work really well I can't wait to use them to use them on a letter. Also there are other colors that you can't see.

Here are some soccer theme items.A soccer memo pad. A Soccer eraser and a Soccer pencil. I do love soccer a lot.

She sent me 3 chocolate bars. I love chocolate and I been cutting back a lot. I eat them all up I could not help my self. I could get the Crunchie here and I love it. Pinky I never ever seen before. It was very yummy also the marshmallow was pink. I never seen Moro before but I am in love with it. Super yummy big time for a chocolate.

This is my favorite gift from her. It is a Hamtaro Bag super kawaii\cute looking big time. I love Hamtaro a lot but I can't find any stuff of it here in Canada. I can't wait to use the bag sometime.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Special Post Card

Hello there everyone. I got a special Post Card in the mail on September 10. I call it a special Post Card because the person who sent it reads my blogs. I never gotten a post card from some person who reads my blogs before. It Made so really happy\smile super big all day long.

I don't know the person name sorry guy's. They did not put there name or even the address on the post card. I think the person is from Japan because the Post Card is showing Japan on it.

I just wanted to say thank you so much for the special Post Card. I don't know who you are or if you will even see this post. Thank you so much for the very lovely post card and taking the time to read my blogs.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Swap-Bot Sour Candy

Hello there every one. I am here to are my Swap from Swap-Bot. I made a Swap on Swap-Bot called Sour candy, You Swap 2 Sour Candy with 1 partner easy\cheap. My Partner was from the United States, She is a really really sweet kind nice person\mother. Her daughter help her pick out some of the candy, So her daughter is also really sweet kind nice friendly too. I am really really happy\shock with every thing I got. I never knew I was going to get so much stuff I am really amazed. You where only meant to send 2 types of Sour Candy. but I got way more then 2 candy so I got a special gift from both of them.

Here is the box it came in. When I seen the box from the mailman I never knew it was my swap. I was thinking it was a pen-pal or something how funny.

We all know what the Sour Patch Kids are right. Well there really yummy I had not had them in so many years kinda funny in away.

Here is something I have not seen here in Edmonton Canada. It is called Sour Punch Bits. It does look really yummy but sour like yaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Here is the sour krabby Patties, I seen Krabby Patties before but I have not seen Sour one's it all. There super super yummy big big big time.

Here is Gummi Sour Poppers, I never seen any thing like this before. It does look really really yummy I can't wait to try them out.

Here is some sour cum. I don't really like sour gum but I don't mind getting it at all. I share with my father he loved the gum. It was not too sour at all lol.

Here are some Sour Gummy Worms, I seen them so many time's  but have not had them in years. I really like gummy stuff lol.

Here are some Lemon Drops. I never had them before at all. I am guessing there really sour like. But then again I love sour stuff hahahahahaha.

Here is a none sour candy, Jelly Belly also knows as Jelly Beans. I don't think they make Sour Jelly Beans but maybe someday.

Here is something I never seen before ever. I am not too sure what it is really at all. I think it is like pudding or something like that.

She sent me so much tea\drinks it's crazy. I am a big tea drinker big time so I am happy with all the drinks. I also got a dark hot chocolate, It does taste like dark chocolate hahahahahahahaha.

Here is Pop Rocks we all know this. I love popping candy so much feel so funny. I never seen Watermelon here in Edmonton yet.

Here is something I never seen in the mail before. It is truly truly funny\weird in away. I can't wait to try it when it is ready to eat lol.

Here are some more candy I got from them. I don't understand\know of the Asian one at all. The one called Limon 7 is really new to me not sure what it is at all.

Here is something called Mamba Sour. I know nothing about it at all. But I love trying new stuff when ever I can.

I don't see stuff like this unless it's Halloween. But when it's Halloween it's Halloween kind\style. I don't stuff stuff like this when it's not Halloween.

Here is somrthing I never ever ever seen here. It does look really yummy by the look's of it. I can't wait to try it yaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Here is a small letter she sent me. Also she gave me extra paper to use. I will use it to do a letter back to her.