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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Malaysia Christmas Pen-Pal Gift

Hello there people of the world who is reading or looking at this, I am here to share with you all my amazing sweet good great cute kawaii lovely gift. I got from my best friend and pen-pal who is from Malaysia and she got me this Christmas Gift and I did a video on it and you get to see some amazing photos too lol.

This is a really really cute sweet lovely looking Bear box, she put all the items into and I am really happy with this cute box I don't know what I will use it for after but I love it so much it make's me happy and smile.

Here are 10 Kawaii cute fun lovely looking amazing  DECO TAPE I can't find or get Deco Tape here but I am happy when people give it to me so much big time, I really like this tape and use it for letters and stuff.

Here is a good great nice net looking book I don't know what to use it for yet but I will think of something, I do like the paper and the look of it big time but the clips are in shape of animals yay.

Here are some really Kawaii cute sweet lovely Erasers there so fun looking and cute awwwww.

Here are 4 very very cute kawaii nice good lovely looking Pencil, I don't know what is on the Pencil but it is light purple and I love purple a lot I can't wait to use them for sure.

Here is a very good great nice board game to plat ConNect 4 yay how fun is that.

Here are some very pretty lovely bird clips and I really do like them, Not sure what to use them for yet.

Here are some more clips she gave me I really like the, This time she gave me numbers how net.

Here is a really cute sweet lovely kawaii bunny and I really love this bunny so much I never seen any thing like it before, I am happy I got something so cute and net yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

Last I got this cute sweet bear heart card that match the box so well and super cute big time, I am happy with this Christmas gift big time I am so shock she send me so much stuff. I hope she like the Christmas gift I gave her.