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Hello my name is Samantha, I am 22 female living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I love video games anime manga pen-paling doing letters swaps treading youtube and more. I am a true animal lover and have 6 pets.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Swap-Bot Easter

 Hello every one I am here sharing my Swap-Bot Gift, I made up another Swap called the Easter Swap where you Swap Easter\Spring Items. It gone really well and I am happy with every thing I got and I am shock how much stuff she did send to me.

It was meant to be here before Easter but she send really late so it got her way way late sorry guys. But I am just happy I got it and that every thing was safe and good inside of the box.

First I Easter Candy and you can only get them at Easter and only Easter, I do like them there really yummy soft good great to eat and snack on. I never seen the blue one before here at all, But I have seen pink and yellow before. Also I never seen Peeps Marshmallow Bunnies, I have seen Peeps the Chicks  but never the bunnies so I am happy I got them big big big big time.

Here are some Easter Candy there really really yummy soft sweet good great, I don't know the name's of them at all sorry to say but I do love them. I got so much of them that it is crazy big big time. Also the jar it came in is super pretty lovely looking I am shock she gave a nice jar with it awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

Here is all the info and stuff, I know it is hard to see and read I am truly sorry.

Sorry that the photo is on a weird side my bad, But you can tell how pretty lovely sweet looking the card is. And I think it is a handmade card so that make's it a lot amazing and better too.

Here is a really really pretty looking stickers, There purple butterflies and I love the color purple.

Here are some really really really yummy chocolate, The chocolate is Lindor chocolate the really amazing sweet yummy best chocolate out there big time.

Here is some really nice good great looking Candy Jewelry I never seen Easter Candy Jewelry before so this is new to me in away. I do love candy Jewelry so I am happy for this.

Here are 3 Taffy's I got from her too, so amazing and lucky big big big big time. I never seen Taffy that look like that in away but I do love Taffy so very very much and it is really good.

And she got me this really amazing big Chocolate Easter Egg mmmmmmmmm yummy big time. I love Chocolate it is my weak spot hehehehe. And it is Hershey's Chocolate super yummy big big time.

Here is all my stuff I got from her, I loved every thing so much and I am shock about every thing but yet very happy at the same time too thanks so much and happy Swapping every one.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Japan Gift

Hello every one I just got a gift from my best friend and pen-pal in Japan, I got it April 3 2012, But I was too sick to go online and show you guys what I got. I am feeling a little better so I am going to show you guys what she gave me and it is pretty amazing and kawaii at the same time yay.

First she got me this really really cute sweet panda key chain, And she knows how much I love pandas I love them so much. It is super soft and look's super cute and kawaii I can't wait to hang it to something yay yay.

She got me this hanging thing of a Anime called One Piece, I really do love Anime and I do like One Piece a lot too, I don't know what I will use this for yet but I will hang it up for sure.

Here is another One Piece hanging thing she gave me, It is super cool looking I love the red more because it is my favorite color but blue is really looking super good and cool too wow.

Then I got this really really amazing cute sweet kawaii Hello Kitty chocolate box, It is so cute pretty looking I did not even want to open it at all. But I did open it and there where 4 Chocolate in there and they where amazing. But before I could take a photo I ate them all sorry my bad.

Then I got this really amazing cute kawaii special Rilakkuma Chocolate box with a small Korilakkuma plush, I loved this very very very much it is so amazing big big big time. The Chocolate was small but very very good I try my best to save it but too late.

Here is my last photo of all my stuff I got from her in one photo, I loved every thing so very very much and I am so thankful to her for every thing she gave me.