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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Swap-Bot Rabbit Treats

Hello there every one, I am here with 2 Swaps I got from Swap-Bot it is a Swapping site of all types of Swaps from all over the world, And a good great place to make friends and pen-pals for sure.

Well I made a swap for Rabbits and I got my 2 from my Partners, I am here today to show them off I am so happy I got them and my Rabbit is even more happy he got some yummy  new treats to try out.

My first one is from Amanda from United States, She sent me so much I was truly shock and happy.
Here are the stuff she gave my Rabbit Monkey who is 2 years old.
This is what it came in I cover up her address so you guys can't see any thing lol.
But it was really nice packing and I am even keeping it because it is in good shape still.

Here is the first thing she gave me, I taken a photo of the small letter she gave with it telling what it is, And let me tell you my rabbit monkey loved it very very much, There small and look so cute.

Here are some Rabbit Homemade Treats on Paper she gave me, She gave me 2 papers that teach you how to make homemade Rabbit Treats, I never done it before but I am going to try them out sometime soon and see if my Rabbit likes them or not hehe.
Here is a card she sent me telling me about her Rabbits in it, I love the bear card so much.

Here are the 3 amazing Treats she sent me, See she sent me so much she was only meant to send 2 Treats but o well. I loved every thing so much and my Rabbit and small animals are in love with the treats big big big big time I am so happy for them for loving it.

Here is what the Treats look like, They look good and yummy for the animals and for people hahahahaha, Well my animals sure loved there treats and Monkey really loved his treats.
This one is from Allison from the United States, I cover up her address but I did get to keep what it came in because it was in good shape still yay.
First I got this cute little bunny I don't know how she made it, But I love it so much and am going to keep it big time awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.
Here are some Treats that look like Pretzels so cute looking, My small guy loved it and so did my rabbit too that make me so happy.
Here are some nice Apple Stickers, My small kinds where going crazy for them hahahahaha, And Monkey did bite at it a little but he more for food hehe.

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  1. Thank you for introducing the website XD I am totally gonna give this a try. I loveee writing laters and giving out/receiving surprises! Be my pen pal? :3