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Hello my name is Samantha, I am 22 female living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I love video games anime manga pen-paling doing letters swaps treading youtube and more. I am a true animal lover and have 6 pets.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Private Swap From Swap-Bot

Hello there every one, I join my first ever Private Swap on Swap-Bot.  I never made a private swap before, or even join one before also so this is my first time joining one yay. So far I really do love doing Private Swaps there so much fun, Also super easy to get stuff because you get to pick who joins the swap. So if someone has a good rating you ask them to join, Then you don't get flack on so much by people in other swaps. This girl asked me if I wanted to do a Private swap for our pets, I said yes so she made up the swap for us turn out super well so far.

She is a really really sweet kind lovely caring animal lover, She is also a very good person who got me so much stuff for my 2 cats wow I was super super shock big time. I hope she get's my swap soon so her dog will have something, We both sent our swaps out on June 26, But I got her's first because of Air Mail I think anyways. I wanted mine to get to her fast too, But I did not have the money to send it fast\tracked at all. Her swap cost 26$ something but if I get it tracked it would cost 46$ something.

She live in Thailand so it is very far from where I live, I live in Canada so I don't sure when she will get her swap at all yet sigh. She has a dog so I got her dog food, I got her the kind that is called. Cesar the wet dog food I got her 10, Then I got her Cesar Bistro I got her 4 of them.

Here is what the box look's like, It is a pretty nice size box I will reuse it again someday. The stuff fit so well inside of it she a good packer big time.

As you can tell she did send a lot of stuff, I was not thinking she would send so much stuff for my cats how sweet.

She send this for me I was not thinking of that, She got me some nice pretty cute kawaii Rilakkuma  paper awwwwwwwwww.

Here is a note she sent me, It is about the Cat Treats she sent me super cool. It say's where there from\made from super cool more.

Here is a very net looking Cat treat, I am not sure what it is or by or even flavor but it look cool\yummy. I hope my cat's will love it.

Here is cat Sticks, I never seen or heard of them before at all. I hope my cat's will like them, I seen Sticks for dogs not cats here weird.

This look's like a cookie or something, Like something a person would eat not a cat. I hope my cat's will love something like this also look like a flower.

Here is a milk treat it look's like, I not sure what it look's like at all. But look like something a person would eat hahahahahaha.

This look like another cookie treat, I hope my cat's will eat something like this I hope. Again look like something a person would eat.

This brand is no where in Edmonton Canada, I looked all over for that brand could not find it. I am happy to see they make this brand for cat's too. It look like licorice hahahahahaha.

Here is another treat that look like the Orange treat bag, It is in a blue bag with a different color treat. But I hope my cat's will love this so much.

Here is another of that brand, I hope my cat's like this bradn because they got a lot from it. I also love how there so many flavors to this brand.

Here is Chicken of that brand, The Chicken and Tuna brand look so much alike kinda funny. My cat's do love Chicken and Tuna.

Here is something I never seen, I am not sure what it is but look like sea food or something like that. But I know it is wet food my cat's love wet food.

Here is another wet food treat, I am not sure what it is or brand it is at all. I never seen any thing like this but hope it is good.

Here is the last from this brand, I don't know much on the flavor but look cool.

Here is another cat wet food, I hope my cat's like the wet food's they get.

Here is another wet food, I never seen any thing like this at all. But I hope Cloud my cat like's the food.

Here is the last of the cat treats, Also the last of the wet food too. I never seen this before here I hope it is good for my cats.

Here is a cat toy she gave me, We where swapping food I did not think of a toy at all. I hope my cat's like it but look's fun to me in away.