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Friday, September 28, 2012

New Zealand Gift

Hello there everyone. I know I don't post on this too many I am sorry. I don't get a lot of stuff all the time to post about on this post.

I got my Trade gift from my very good great friend on youtube. She live in New Zealand. I meet her on youtube and we talk on youtube\facebook a lot. We are very close best friends. We do treads a lot with each other. I trust her with trading because she never fail to send.

I don't like trading with people on youtube because they don't send or don't send much at all. But she always sends no matter how long it take's to get to me in Canada.

Here is what she sent it in. She really put nice drawings on it. I am sorry most of the photos are dark it was bad lighting.

Here is the card she sent with it. I loved the dog on the card look's super cute. I also love the bright writing on the inside of it.

Here are some super kawaii looking stickers. I love stickers they make me super happy big big big time.

Here are some really nice looking writing pen's. They work really well I can't wait to use them to use them on a letter. Also there are other colors that you can't see.

Here are some soccer theme items.A soccer memo pad. A Soccer eraser and a Soccer pencil. I do love soccer a lot.

She sent me 3 chocolate bars. I love chocolate and I been cutting back a lot. I eat them all up I could not help my self. I could get the Crunchie here and I love it. Pinky I never ever seen before. It was very yummy also the marshmallow was pink. I never seen Moro before but I am in love with it. Super yummy big time for a chocolate.

This is my favorite gift from her. It is a Hamtaro Bag super kawaii\cute looking big time. I love Hamtaro a lot but I can't find any stuff of it here in Canada. I can't wait to use the bag sometime.

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  1. I'm so glad you love everything! I'm happy that you got it really fast too! :D