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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Japan Gift

Hello everyone who is reading my blog. I got a gift today from a far far away land called Japan. I got this gift from a pen-pal who live in Japan. She always gives me gifts all the time from Japan. And every time she send me something it's really special amazing cool net different. Also she always get me stuff I always wanted to try\have so funny. Because I don't ask for anything or tell her anything so it's funny how it happens.

This is my Christmas gift from her. She sent me one last year also so I am shock I got one. As you guy's know she sent me something not too long ago and I was thinking that was my Christmas gift. Guess this is my Christmas gift from her and my birthday gift too. My birthday is Jan 2 1991. I already sent out her Christmas gift last month. So I am hoping she love what I got her.

This is the box she sent every thing in.I am shock she sent a big box. I am happy it got here safe and sound. It was open a little so I am worry I might have lost something.

I don't even know what this is really at all. I wish I could know but I can't tell what it is with out opening it more. It was the only gift that was wrap up in Christmas paper. It look's really cool\net\cute.

This is a book she sent me. It is all in Japanese so I can't understand\read it at all. But I don't care I love books that are none English. As you can see it's all about cat's and the photos are cute\silly\funny\weird\odd\net\kawaii\fun.

She sent me a small dairy. I can use it to write stuff down in it. I can also use ti to mart stuff in it on the dates. She sent me something like this last year too. I love the panda on it so much.

Here is some cards she sent me. The one with the pink is the Christmas card she sent me. I love the other 4 post cards she sent me.

Here is something called Wire Photo Holder. I don't know anything about it. I can't wait to try it out and hang it up. I love how there are cats around it.

Here is a mini 2013 calendar. She always sends me one. I love how pretty this one is. And it is very different then other calendars.

This is something I always wanted to have. It is a coin box. I always seen this stuff online on a Japanese website. And I always wanted to have one. So this is my favorite gift of all big time.

Here is the last gift. I can use it to hang onto the tree. And I will put it on my tree right away. Also inside are the sweets you see in the photo. I can't right to try it right away.