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Hello my name is Samantha, I am 22 female living in Edmonton Canada all my life. I love video games anime manga pen-paling doing letters swaps treading youtube and more. I am a true animal lover and have 6 pets.

Friday, December 20, 2013

Japan Christmas Gift

I got this amazing super super mega amazing Christmas gift from my Japan from. She is truly truly amazing to send something like this to me. It was so much stuff way too much. I was not thinking of anything like this. I love everything so deeply deeply deeply much. I love how it is all Pokemon big time. Yuko is truly amazing to me big big big big time.


Tuesday, April 30, 2013

USA Jeny Holiday Gift

Hello everyone. Thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Today I got a really amazing super cool fun sweet gift from my pen-pal. It came out of the blue because I was not thinking anything like that would come. I was extra shock by who sent it to me. She never said anything this much or big before ever. I am happy she was thinking of me but feel bad she spent so much on me. She is truly truly sweet to do this for me.

Her name is Jenny and she is from the USA. She is planing a trip to Japan Tokyo sometime this summer. I am so happy for her yet sad because I always wanted to go there lol. The reason I called it a Holiday gift is because it is one.

As you can see she sent a nice card like always. She did put some Korean and Japanese words in it to. She is pretty good at doing it lucky her. See the gift is a Holiday gift. It is a Birthday\Christmas\Valentine\Easter\St.Patrick\New Year. So it is a Holiday gift.

She gave me this tattoos. I don't know for sure what kind. I know it is football but not sure what team. I never heard\seen of this team before. And yet the word's don't look English to me.

This stuff smell really really nice. I don't use this stuff a lot but I will because it is her gift. It is called Moisturizing Gel.

She gave me this Body Lotion. I don't use stuff like this at all. But because it is from her I will use it well. It does have a a nice lovely sent to it.

She gave me some flower's to grow. I love growing stuff and gardening so I am super happy. I never grown a flower like that type yet. I can't wait to try it and see how it turn's out. One is a Daisy and other is a Poppy.

I am in love with this big time. I love lip balms a lot. And I never seen this kind ever before. It smell really nice and yummy. It is Froot Loops Flavor Lip Balm.

This is another one I truly truly truly love big time. It is Lip Gloss. I never seen this kind before ever. It is Air Head Lip Gloss flavor. I love Lip Gloss a lot. This one smell really nice.

Here is something for the bath kind. It is something you use in the bath or after. I never use anything like this before. But I will try it out because she got it for me.

Here is something yummy to eat. She is into Japanese Snacks. She gave me Hello Panda witch is really really yummy. This one is Chocolate but there is other flavors too.

Here is a spring\summer looking Bracelet. Well to me it is because it is so very bright looking. I am not a fan of pink but I am ok with it.

She gave me a water bottle. I found it a little odd and weird big time. But she said that a lot of people in the USA are a big fan of this. I find that really funny big time. I will try it out and see how well it work's out.

She also sent me a frame to make my own kinda thing. I never done anything like it before but I hope I do good on it.

Here is another craft kind thing she sent me. I have not done anything like this since I was a little child. I hope I am still good at it hahahahahahaha.

Here is my favorite thing she sent me. I don't know if she made it her self or she got it from a store or online. I love it so much. I say's Happy Easter inside. I would love to make my own someday.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Japan Christmas Gift

Hello there everyone. I got a Christmas gift from Japan from my pen-pal friend. I never gotten a gift from her ever before so it was really amazing. She is not the same person who always gift's me from Japan. She is a mother with a little baby girl. She is a really sweet big heart female big time. I love her so much so I am happy she did something this sweet to me.

She sent every thing in this. So I am happy she care so much.

She gave me this Pokemon thing. I don't know what it is but I love it so very much.

She got me this cute Pokemon bag. I can't wait to use it sometime for shopping.

She got me pooh bear piggy bank. I am thinking of using it for other then money or coins. I just love how cute it look's.

She gave me Bella the Princess keychain thing. I do like it just not a big princess fan is all lol.

This is a Micky thing. I am not too sure what it is yet. All I know is it's really pretty and amazing a lot.

She gave me the little mermaid small coin pure. I love the little mermaid so much.

Here is mini mouse. I love her so much and it look's really kawaii looking big time. Kinda like a lollipop.

Here is another princess. I do like it because you can out your finger inside of it so that is really really cool.

Here is cotton tape. I never seen anything like it ever. So I am happy to try it out.

Here is some pooh stickers. I find them to be too cute to use right now.

I am not too sure what this is yet. All I know is it's pooh bear and it's super kawaii. It does look sad for some odd reason or that could be just me.

Here we a necklace really pretty looking. The necklace is the princess one. And we have a pin of stitch. I love love that.

Here is another princess thing. It's a mirror that is for your phone it look's like. I love how the princess stuff is in Japanese.

Here we have 2 Pokemon. I love Pokemon so I am happy I got something like this.

Here is another Micky thing. It look's really cute yet very much net\odd looking so much.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Swap-Bot Swap's.

Hello there everyone. I am going to share with you guy's 2 swaps that I got from Swap-Bot. I been waiting forever for them to come and they came on my birthday January 2. I am super happy because 1 I got mail and 2 it came on my birthday lol.

First swap is the Christmas Cat Toy's. Everyone was meant to have 1 partner and send 1 Christmas\Holiday cat toy's to there partner. Toy's from 3-10 or a pack of cat toy's.

This is what the swap was sent in. Here is a small card that the person had sent me. I really love how really cute this look's with the dog\cat.

Here is what the person sent my cat's. Some pretty cool cat toy's. My cat's will love the toys so very much. They love stuff with catnip in it. Also the treats my cat Cloud will love a lot. Sherbet can't eat seafood.

This next swap was for Small Stocking with Treats. You only need to send 1 small stocking with some goodies in it. Only 2 items where needed. Anything sweet or holiday like at all.

Here is what the person had sent me. I don't know why I got 2 stockings but I did. They look really cute stockings very much. I am happy with every thing. I love the yummy chocolate and candy canes. I even got some nice new Christmas socks how fun is that, She even sent me 2 other thing's wow really amazing.