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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Japan Christmas Gift

Hello there everyone. I got a Christmas gift from Japan from my pen-pal friend. I never gotten a gift from her ever before so it was really amazing. She is not the same person who always gift's me from Japan. She is a mother with a little baby girl. She is a really sweet big heart female big time. I love her so much so I am happy she did something this sweet to me.

She sent every thing in this. So I am happy she care so much.

She gave me this Pokemon thing. I don't know what it is but I love it so very much.

She got me this cute Pokemon bag. I can't wait to use it sometime for shopping.

She got me pooh bear piggy bank. I am thinking of using it for other then money or coins. I just love how cute it look's.

She gave me Bella the Princess keychain thing. I do like it just not a big princess fan is all lol.

This is a Micky thing. I am not too sure what it is yet. All I know is it's really pretty and amazing a lot.

She gave me the little mermaid small coin pure. I love the little mermaid so much.

Here is mini mouse. I love her so much and it look's really kawaii looking big time. Kinda like a lollipop.

Here is another princess. I do like it because you can out your finger inside of it so that is really really cool.

Here is cotton tape. I never seen anything like it ever. So I am happy to try it out.

Here is some pooh stickers. I find them to be too cute to use right now.

I am not too sure what this is yet. All I know is it's pooh bear and it's super kawaii. It does look sad for some odd reason or that could be just me.

Here we a necklace really pretty looking. The necklace is the princess one. And we have a pin of stitch. I love love that.

Here is another princess thing. It's a mirror that is for your phone it look's like. I love how the princess stuff is in Japanese.

Here we have 2 Pokemon. I love Pokemon so I am happy I got something like this.

Here is another Micky thing. It look's really cute yet very much net\odd looking so much.

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